Minecraft- My First Multiplayer Adventure

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Minecraft- My First Multiplayer Adventure

Life was good. Life was peaceful. I could finally rest, watching out across the placid ocean from my aerial island beach house. I’d earned the much needed rest my blocky body cried for. But soon, that peace was to be broken.

A heavenly voice boomed across the sky, invading my eardrums like an infectious celestial song. The world around me paused. The sky was motionless. A pig was frozen mid-plummet. Suddenly, the water in front of me erupted from the pond. As it settled, copious amounts of Steam gushed from the water. Through this “Steam” the voice spoke again:

StephenPip: join us on the minecraft server if and when you can, launch party build!

I was in awe. A confused awe, but awe nether the less. Leant forward, plucking the courage to talk through the Steam.

Biznitch: awesomeness. You all in now?

StephenPip: 4 of us

Biznitch: reet oh- will join you all soon

StephenPip: cool cool

StephenPip is now Offline.

The Steam settled.

I had been chosen to embark on an quest. My plans for adventuring through my kingdom had to wait- I was to journey to another land. But how would I get there?

As that thought flashed through my feeble mind a small, blue bird flew from the MANLY tree, landing on my shoulder. The bird started tweeting in my ear.

“@stephenpip plop this into Minecraft to Join us!“ the bird Twittered.

Blessed with the sacred code, I was on my way to my first Multi-player Adventure…

The familiar sight of generating genesis bled into my eyes I was was taken to this new, far away land. In front of me was a sign…

Obediently I followed the signs. It was clear I was not alone in this world- the other adventures had been hard at work crafting a path of some sort. But what would await me on the other side?





A blooming great big stonking castle. My fellow adventurers were congregating in the lobby, welcoming me with open cuboid arms. We discussed what was happening- a simple mining mission, with the goal of finding diamonds. But nothing in this world could be that simple…

The mining network was vast and expansive, deep below the surface of the earth. With adventure in my heart and sack full of pick axe I chose one of the many tunnels and began my hunt for the shiniest of rock. The days (an hour or so) were long and arduous. Blood would mix with the sweat pouring from my hands as I slugged my way through the barren rock, occasionally stumbling across a lump of coal or two.

Eventually claustrophobia started rearing it’s ugly head. The walls were closing in. Voices started whispering in my head, slowly driving me insane- until I realised they were the voices of my companions, miles above me.

All of a sudden the wall in front crumbled away (probably due to the pounding I’d just given it with a pick axe) revealing a vast catacomb of darkness. After briefly fumbling around in the shadows I planted some lovely torches, spreading some much needed light on the situation at hand. The cavern quickly became treacherous, forcing me to cross narrow stone bridges over blood-bubbling lava-falls.

But eventually my efforts were rewarded.


Without realising it I’d stumbled on a wealth of iron and, more importantly, gold ore. Rushing over to roll around on my new found riches something else caught my eye.

Diamonds. I’d found the mother-load. But with one small oversight- I didn’t have the necessary tools for the job. I needed help, fast, and I had an impressively cunning plan to get it.


There was a slight murmur of acknowledgement, followed by the shared buzz of excitement from all the treasure hunters. Requesting back-up didn’t quite have the rush of enthusiasm I had hoped for as it seemed they were pre-occupied with their own areas of empire building. One adventurer expanded the main diamond shaft (known as the “Hugo Mine”), another was constructing the grand railway system that was rising from the mine to the great outdoors and across the ocean as two other architects work on the outer design of the fortress.

Luckily there was one adventurer brave enough to traverse through the dangers of the cavern. As I stood patiently, guarding the gold with my half broken pick axe, a figure emerged from the shadows.

Antiundead. My new partner of adventure, bringing much needed diamond tools and spare torches. Looking around we noticed a whole new underground world of exploration at our disposal. The workers above needed fresh supplies of ore and we were the ones to get them. Stumbling from cavern to cavern, we followed the trails of iron ore and coal deeper and deeper underground, working our way through our seemingly endless sack of pick axes.

The more caves we found the more we were rewarded with riches beyond our wildest dreams. Even a brief encounter with dungeon demons wasn’t enough to break our stride. Each time we thought we’d explored every nook and cranny, we’d spot something shiny from the corner of our collective eyes- like some form of weird Siamese magpie- leading to more goodies, drawing us deeper underground.

Antiundead and I bonded quickly. The more we collected the closer we became- working together to get to new places, only occasionally splitting up to briefly search small passageways. Needless to say, we became closer than spouses. Closer than siblings. Closer than the middle guy on a Human Centipede.

Sadly, although we had packed enough pick axes to dig our way to China, we failed to stock up on torches. It seemed that 150+ flaming sticks wasn’t enough to illuminate the vast catacomb of vast vastness. Our team, too busy to help us, continued to “work” above ground (for all we know they could have been having a picnic and looking up square boobies on the 8-bit internet) as our light started to fade. Between us we were down to a mere 12 torches- barely enough to light up a birthday cake made of glow sticks. This is when our bond kept us alive in our subterranean labyrinth. With barely a word spoken, we fell into perfect economic unison while trekking through the darkness- the person in front would lay down the torches, while the person behind gathered them back up.

Eventually the above ground “workers” realised that they were running low on vital supplies such as iron, diamond and foot-rubs. Remembering about our constant celebrations over our immense haul of treasure they decided it was time to help out, attempting to pin point our location in the under-ground network of caves. An impossible task, to say the least, so we decided to take charge.

With diamond pick in hand, Aniundead began carving a staircase to the surface. Our fellow adventures could sense our presence the closer we came to the surface, tunnelling down to “save” us (read: take our loot). As the final swing of the pick axe cracked against the stone, sunlight poured into our stairwell. Blinded by the light we staggered out into the open world, filling our lungs with the sweet air of freedom.

And that was that. We had done what was asked of us. Our first epic quest in this new world had been completed- it was time to return to our own worlds.

I waved goodbye to my new brother as he phased out of existence. Our fellow adventures started disappearing one by one, back to their own worlds.

I was left alone, gazing up at what we had accomplished- as a team. In the short time I was in this world we had built mighty fortress’, mine shafts deeper than the deepest ocean and railway systems that I’d only seen in my wildest dreams. As I looked up at the stars travelling peacefully across the sky the world began to transform back to the familiar, tranquil settings of The Holiday Home Of-OHMYGODWHAT’STHATOVERTHEREohit’sjustaPig- Relaxation”.

My First Multiplayer Adventure had drawn to a close. But with so much yet to do, could this really be the end?

And would I ever see Antiundead ever again?

I hope so… You know, in a totally, hetero kind of way. Like, to drink beer or to pick up cuboid chicks or something.


  • Christopher Mooneyhan

    One of the best parts of multiplayer right now are the plug-ins/mods you can have. That may change though if a lot of stuff is fixed this weekend of course, fighting monsters together may take that spot. If you guys want to play on the server I’m on just ask and I’ll message the IP to you. The server just starting not too long ago and we need some players!

  • Antiundead

    Brother Biznitch,

    that was quite a touching story. Thank you for reminding me of the adventure we had on the first day. I trust you have read my thrilling account of the first adventure, but just in case here it is again.

    Sorry I had to leave suddenly on our latest expedition, the mine network connection as you know was too dangerous to continue on.

    Also, after much time spent mining in the Hugo mine today with Stimm, I obtained enough obsidian to open the portal to the Slip. It’s located at the middle section of the Hugo mine, on the same level as the main base.

    Till next time,


  • http://twitter.com/0Spence0 Biznitch

    *sniff* Ah memories… It brings a joyful tear to my eye.

    To the future! At the excellent adventures to be had in the far-off realms of the Chronic Reload server!

  • Benjamin


  • jay

    wats the ip

    • https://twitter.com/0Spence0 Biznitch

      Sadly the server is currently down, but should hopefully be back up in September. Check out Chronic Reload (.com) for info on their server.

      • Idontcare

        I H8 IT WHEN SERVERS R DOWNED!!!!! but this one, THIS ONE i dont give a sh*t about

  • Idontcare

    This looks REALLY f*cking lame

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