Minecraft: My Third Adventure (pt.2)

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Minecraft: My Third Adventure (pt.2)

Daybreak seemed so far away. Staying put, cold and alone, inside my partially explored cavern was a daunting prospect, but a necessary one if I was to survive the night. Although… Surely exploring that cavern couldn’t hurt. Could it?

Storing all my valuables in my cave chest, I set out to explore the caverns I had previous walled off for protection. (Protecting the darkness-dwellers from me, that is.) The caverns were plentiful, but the booty was less so. Aside from the occasional lump of coal, my exploration was relatively fruitless. Maybe next year I should be more well-behaved…

Howls of evil frequently echoed through the chambers, with nasties leaping out from darkened corners, like ninja moths attracted to my shiny sword flailing around. After escaping death numerous times by cunningly fleeing and crying in a corner, dawn was soon upon us. Venturing out from the caves, I set off towards the near-by forest to set up camp.

The scenery was beautiful; lush green trees were sprouting out all across the land, stretching out along the shore as the sea gently lapped against the land. Wildlife frolicked happily in the ponds, dancing between the trees. Pigs, sheep, cows, creepers, chickens; all dancing around me without a care in the world.


The creepers which plagued the caverns below also roamed freely above ground it seemed, only now carefully camouflaged against the green backdrop of grass and foliage. It was clear that I had to create a shelter, and soon as the sun was already starting to set (I often lose track of time while aimlessly frolicking…) I had to be more careful – one wrong move and I could be hurtled through the spirit world, back to the spawn point 1,000′s of miles away.

Taking advantage of the new environment, I set about creating a tree house. Sheltering above the ground gave me a great advantage over my foes. I could now happily gave at the stars in peace, firing off volleys of arrows at the cretins below.

The next few days were spent hollowing cavities in tree tops, creating make-shift extensions without the need for planning permission. All was going well, I had an endless supply of food below, and the comfort and security of a tree-top abode. What could possibly go wrong?




What happened? One moment I was on top of the world – the next I was staring at a frozen world, void of life. The apocalypse has struck, and my world was no more.

I tried to load back up, but nothing. I was lost, alone and bewildered stranded in the real world.

Could this be it? Is this the end of my Minecraft world? Should I stretch my legs, open the curtains and embrace the world outside my window?

Nah. There has to be a way to fix this…

Hours turned to days as I played the role of got, fixing the universe one %appdata file at a time… But soon, a cure to Armageddon was in sight. After moving some files, I crossed my fingers and loaded up the world…

I plummeted back to earth with a clatter. My backpack was empty, my spawn point had moved and I was lost in the wilderness… Was this home? Searching this new area didn’t fill me with confidence, until I glanced over and spotted a spire in the distance – a strange, wooden obelisk piercing the sky – my lookout tower on the Fortress of Awesometude.

I was home.

A brief visit of the home-land helped me stock up on some of my lost supplies before venturing back through the Nether to the land of creepers and trees. Soon enough I was back where I was before the world imploded, ready to pester the local wildlife once again. There was one noticeable change though – since jump-starting the world like God with jumper cables, the land seemed some-what lusher. Leaves were greener, grass looked healthier, creepers looked happier…

Soon enough, my new tree fortress was complete (or as complete as I could be bothered to make it) and I had to prepare for the next stage of my journey. Opening my chest, I brushed the dust off my compass. The shiny, red needle pointed to a path through the mountains, guiding me back home, and to my new adventure. I went forth with haste, vaulting up the mountain side to see what new environments lay ahead. Perching atop of the mountain I carefully took in my surroundings; my tree fortress was behind me to the south, north showed some distant snowy peaks, but mainly forests and sea, west was home to a gate to the Nether and east was the summit of the mountain.

Wait… A Nether gate?

I scrambled down from the mountain top for a closer look. Were my eyes deceiving me? Is this really a portal to the Nether sprouting up from the ground? Things were certainly getting stranger. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that wild mushroom I found under a tree… But it does explain my sudden urge to drop all my items and leap into the unexplored realms of the Nether….


  • smdl2

    I love all these adventures!

  • http://twitter.com/0Spence0 Biznitch

    Heh, cheers!
    I’ll be writing more of these soon – just didn’t want it to get stale.

    Thinking about starting fresh, either just with the new beta stuff that was added, or with the Mo’ Creatures mod, to make it a bit different.

  • smdl2

    I look forward to it!

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