Browser Game of the Week: …But That Was [Yesterday]

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Browser Game of the Week: …But That Was [Yesterday]

Browser Game of the Week

Hello and welcome to ‘Browser Game of the Week’.  I did a post a couple weeks ago about great free browser games that are available and thought “hey, I could talk about these probably every week…” and after some internal discussion, that’s what I’m here to bring you – although I won’t be alone in my task. Expect other games to be brought to your attention by the other great writers here at TGH.  BGotW is not about reviewing browser games, so much as it is about ‘spotlighting’ them.  All of the games mentioned will be games that we here like to play, are artistically great, innovative, fun to play, challenging, original and all in all, worth checking out. Essentially, this is a happy place where negative criticism will be few and far between. I won’t say that all the games will be free (don’t worry, we’ll make sure to tell you if there’s a price), but even if they’re not, these browser games won’t be anything near the price of their costly console cousins.

To start off BGotW, may I present to you:

…But That Was [Yesterday]

If you asked me to describe this game in a sentence, the best description that I can come up with is “an artistic game with platforming and timing elements” – and that does this game no justice, by any means.

Other than clicking on ‘play’ with the mouse, you will not need it. And you can put down the sugar laced energy drink as ninja-like reflexes are not a prerequisite.  …But That Was [Yesterday] is a game about moving forward with life, though thoughts of the protagonist’s past seem to bog him down, or block progress altogether.  So what’s the goal?  Move on. Move on with your thoughts, with life and whatever happens next… happens.

Great artistic design, a great soundtrack and a remarkable narrative told sans-words, accompany you through the world as created by Michael Molinari (Blog / Twitter).  There are a few games that during and after I’ve played them I thought “wow, this is one of the most original things I’ve seen and is simply amazing” and BTWY most definitely achieves that status.

Without spoiling too much of the story, you will be required to jump between buildings and swing and jump off things at the right time (the platforming and timing elements I mentioned earlier) but again, gameplay in that regard is not the focal point. If you have 15 to 20 minutes, I cannot recommend enough taking the time to check out …But That Was Yesterday, and bask in the artistic, brilliant goodness that this game has to offer.

Play …But That Was Yesterday, one of the award winning games at 2010’s Casual Gameplay Design Competition, by clicking HERE.

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