Browser Game of the Week: Majesty of Colors

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Browser Game of the Week: Majesty of Colors

After John’s outstanding find last week, I’ve been scratching my head for the past 7 days trying to think of a way to out do him. “…But that was [Yesterday]“ quickly became one of my favorite browser games of all time – how could I possible beat that?!

I thought long and hard, until finally the solution became clear…

Double feature!

That’s right, just to try and keep up with John’s finds, I’ve decided to give you all not one, but TWO great browser-based games, for free! …This is beginning to sound like a infomercial, so let’s get right too it.

First up is one of my favorite finds in recent years:

The Majesty of Colors.

When writing a dissertation at university about whether or not video games could be deemed as works of art, focusing on Indie games, (something I try to squeeze into every conversation I have, these days) I jumped online to see if I could find any little nuggets of interest to get me started. Most games were quite bog-standard, nothing special… Until this caught my eye.

Majesty of Colors (Gregory Weir) is a very simplistic game, with the simplistic graphics to match. Set in a dream world, you play some sort of giant sea creature, witnessing the world for the first time. Using your tentacles (controlled with the mouse) you can feel around the area, exploring the world through sight and touch.

Throughout the short game, various events take place in which your actions can decide upon the outcome. People swim out from shore, allowing you toy with them, and even drown them. Sharks attack a child, giving you the choice to either allow the child to die, or intervene to save it’s life.

Each choice you make changes the outcome of the game; killing people will result in negative responses from the humans, whereas saving them could be positive. It’s a very short game, so I wouldn’t like to give too much away there.

The thing that made this game really stick out in my mind is how it tells a story. The simple graphics and gameplay mechanics allow for a simple story, one told through text, as a man describes his dreams. There was just something so engaging about this little experience that I find hard to put into words. So instead, I simply recommend you play it for yourself, and tell me what you think.

So, with that little gem out of the way, allow me to bring the party from Art to ACTION!

Super PSTW Action RPG

Many of you out there may have already played this game before as it’s been around for a while, but it really is one that needs to be played by all, and even won the Daily 3rd Prize over at Newgrounds.

Super PSTW Action RGP (Rhete) is an intense Action RPG with retro-style graphics and easy to handle controls. But, not only does this game have dynamic fighting mechanics and breath-taking musical score, but a storyline that will keep you captivated from beginning to end. Truly a game that has to be completed in one sitting, as the compelling story and simplistic gameplay control system is incredibly user-friendly. The voice acting aint too shabby, either.

The game description boasts that the game contains:

Dynamic Real Time Combat – Jump, slash, and block enemy attacks
Upgradeable Stats – Personalize your character any way you want
Magic spells – Unlease power elemental forces to lay waste to your foes
Shops to purchase additional items and gear to help your quest
Three diabolical bosses to really test your skills
Dramatic cinemas with full voice acting by industry profesionals
11 dramatic orchestral tunes from the fine folks over at the audio portal

…and boy does it deliver!

Previously, some people were having problems on the final boss, so Rhete (thankfully) decided to make the game a little easier, allowing more people to enjoy this masterpiece. Sadly, though, not everyone enjoyed this game as much I did, as this video shows:

Each to their own, I suppose…

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