A.R.E.S. Giveaway Winners

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A.R.E.S. Giveaway Winners

The caption contest for “A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda” is over and we have our winners! Thanks  to everyone who participated. Please remember to read our contest instructions carefully as there were some great submissions that could not be considered because they did not meet the contest requirements.  Congratulations to our winners.  They are…

Humorous Caption

Hardrocknguy wins for his humorous caption for this screenshot…

Damnit, those plumbers we hired better get here soon from that Mushroom Kingdom appointment, because this water isn’t stopping.

Short Paragraph Story

Chronorayven wins for his short paragraph story for this screenshot…

In the Junk Sector several hundred feet below surface is a lone figure with weapon on hand. He stands in front of a doorway that may or may not lead to danger. This lone individual is called A.R.E.S sent to rescue a certain person in this place. He is here because he was sent by the United Earth Chairman to rescue Professor Julia Carson and the remaining survivors from robots. ARES will have to use all his abilities and acquire new ones to save everyone and learn the reason for the robots on taking the humans hostage. In his thoughts one thing came to mind ARES: I will do everything to stop whatever is happening and complete my mission to it’s fullest no matter the cost to myself. ARES is here to do what no other can do which may lead to salvation or extinction.
Serious Caption
smdl2 wins for his serious caption for this screenshot…
It’s Game Time.
  • http://www.generalcoverage.blogspot.com Joel

    I love writing for this site.
    Makes me warm in my pants when this sort of thing goes on.

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