Browser Game of the Week: The Blocks Cometh

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Browser Game of the Week: The Blocks Cometh

For the first BGotW, John wrote an excellent piece on a brilliant browser game …But That Was [Yesterday] – an incredibly arty game which soon became one of my all time favorites. This left me in the lurch some-what as I struggled to find a game of equal arty-measure (although I’m still glad I got to share The Majesty of Colors with everyone, as it’s one of my favorites from way back).

Last week, John took a slightly different approach from the “arty” games of the weeks previous, bringing Tower of Heaven to the party. Playing Johns frustrating level over and over until I had a decent time suddenly got me thinking about what I could bring to the party… And one title instantly popped to mind.

The Blocks Cometh

The Blocks Cometh, created by the Canadian development team Halfbot, is an incredibly simple little browser game with one goal: climb as high as possible.

Blocks of various sizes continuously fall from the sky and your objective is to scale these freshly formed towers without being smooshed to bits. The controls are as sunoke as the premise itself, using the arrow keys to move and jump (and double jump, if you’re feeling frisky) and spacebar to shoot, destroying any blocks foolish enough to stand in your path.

This all sounds simple enough, but perfection is a concept long lost to me, it seems…

For a good few weeks now I’ve been trying to scrape as high a score as possible to tote out for this article, showing off how clearly superior I am to all you puny mortals as you tirelessly struggle to match my feats. In practice, however, my measly score could probably be beaten by an ill child with no fingers.

The Blocks Cometh’s basic gameplay, with a scoring system visible in game, makes it incredibly addictive. You’ll always be chasing that extra meter to 2, just to stay ahead of the game. But when you’re close to that marker and are suddenly crushed into a puddle of pixels, it’s one of the most infuriating things imaginable.

So, with that, I issue you all a challenge. Who out there can beat my outstanding achievement? Check out the game, then post your high scores on the forums. The winner will get to name my first child. Submissions close July 9th, 2033.

I won’t go down without a fight.

The Blocks Cometh – Halfbot

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