Minecraft Monday (02-21-11)

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Minecraft Monday (02-21-11)

Minecraft Monday (02-21-11)


After weeks away, Notch finally strolled back into the Mojang offices, just in time to (re)announce his leaving in 2 weeks:

In two weeks, the entire Mojang office is heading off to GDC, where we’re nominated in six categories (three in the IGF, three in the GDCA). I’ve got a huge pile of meetings planned while I’m there, but I hope to be able to check out a bunch of talks, and get to check out what other people are doing.

While he was away, the rest of the Mojang team were hard at work, coming up with new ideas for blocks, elements and general tools to add to the game:

During the two weeks up until GDC, we’ll be working on finishing up the new game launcher and finishing up some new game features for the game, including an official white list implementation for the server and more types of half sized blocks.

Last night, Notch updated his blog to bring us the summary of changes to the browser:

* Newly designed window looks slightly prettier, and also has a nice big space to load an HTML page showing the updates in the latest patch
* If there’s a new update, the launcher asks if you wish to update. You can choose between “Not yet” and “Yes”.
* The launcher only downloads modified files
* Logging in is done over https, preventing sniffing (we even double check the certificate)
* Downloaded files are checksummed, making sure the correct file was received
* You can force a full re-download of all game files in case you suspect your local files are corrupt
* There’s a handy link to go directly to the game install folder

At the risk of turning this weeks Minecraft Monday into a copy-paste finanza (you might as well just check out his blog yourself) he also mentioned a couple of other additions to 1.3, as well as the target release date:

While I was away, Jens’s been working on 1.3, which we’re aiming at releasing sometime early/mid-week next week. I’ve forgotten all the new stuff in there (it’s sunday, ok?), but my favorite two are the redstone delay/repeater blocks and the beds. We’re hoping to be able to make the beds feature complete before GDC, but it’s more important to get the 1.3 update out, so some of the functionality might be missing for a week or two.

Taking full advantage of their new Youtube channel, a video popped up earlier explaining how to use the new repeater switches:

Essentially, this little device can reduce the amount of space it takes to create complex circuits, making it easier to install delays or repeated signals (a useful tool in the creation of music). With all this going on, it’s no wonder they’re bigger than Jesus.

This Weeks Feature

something that I’ve noticed cropping up more and more frequently on youtube are recreations of other games in the Minecraft world. People have taken their favourite games, levels and stories, recreating them brick by brick in Minecraft (to varying degrees of success). After scouring the internetz, I’ve created a short list of my favourite videos.

Call of Duty – “Minecraft Black Ops: Nuketown Remake”

I’m not too savvy when it comes to Black Ops, having never played it and all, but I’ve been told by a fair few people this is pretty accurate. Sure, the textures are off, and the colours are a bit bright, but hey- IT’S FRICKIN’ MINECRAFT! The scale is pretty impressive, and I love what they done for the nuke. Really hoping more videos like this pop up soon.

Dead Space 2 – “DeadCraft”

Sticking to the whole “I have no clue what I’m talking about” theme, Dead Space is another title that waltzed on by under my nose without me noticing much. Again, I’ve been told this is pretty great, and just looking at it without prior knowledge to the game I’m easily impressed with it’s scale… and pretty colours. I’m like a magpie when it comes to these videos – the shinier and more colourful, the more I like.

Left4Dead – “Minecraft: Left 4 Dead”

Finally, a game I know about! There’re plenty of L4D videos of people playing Minecraft-skinned levels, but not many the other way around. I love the idea of this one; trapped in a mansion, fighting off hordes of randomly spawning zombie mobs, including aggressive zombie pigmen. This is something I really want to try out myself, as PvP is certainly on the rise.

Zelda – “Ocarina of Time Recreated in Minecraft”

Accurate recreations of old gaming worlds never cease to impress me, so I found this one pretty nifty. If they tour guides voice doesn’t get on your nerves too much, you might want to check out a follow up video in which he takes a tour of the Kokiri Forrest (still under construction).

There are also some pretty nice looking Zelda themed custom texture packs out there, one of my favorite being this one.

Assassin’s Creed – “Assassins Creed City Part 4″

The bigger the game, the bigger the build. What’s interesting about this one is that they show the complete build in videos 1-3 (in time laps) so you can see how it was all achieved. Looking at the video, this map screams out for some PvP action. But, since the build has yet to be completed, we could be waiting a while to run along those roof tops.

Dead Island – “Dead Minecraft”

Vareide is still my favorite Minecraft based film maker, constantly pushing the edge of what can be achieved in the Minecraft world. This video is a spoof of the latest Dead Island trailer (easily the best game trailer to hit our eyes this year, in my opinion) really exceeds what can be done with Minecraft, using external programs and editing techniques to really pay accurate 16-bit homage to that excellent trailer.

Well, that’s my list. What’s yours?

If you’ve found any more Minecraft related stuff, head over to the forums and share them with the world. Or at least share them with me. Procrastination from real work is a full-time chore, so any links you send to distract me for 5mins is great for me!

…Don’t make me do stuff…

(NEXT WEEK: A compilation of rather good youtube videos of Minecraft, with the general theme of “Awesomeness“)

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