We Are Not Robots: Adam’s Gaming History

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We Are Not Robots: Adam’s Gaming History


When writing my bio for whatever gaming sites I join, I put “Born with a controller in my hand”. Why? Because gaming existed in my household before I did. I was born just after the video game market crash and my family already owned both an Intellivision and an Atari 2600. My early days were spent playing Pole Position and Yar’s Revenge on a black and white TV for hours a day when I couldn’t play the NES on the main TV. My love for gaming was also sparked by my dad taking me to various arcades, which Vancouver had a lot of in the 80′s.

When I did get to play the NES, I was all over Super Mario Bros. 3. I came close to beating it, but my “differently wired brain” always caused me to wuss out just before I got to Bowser.  As a kid, I didn’t have access to a ton of games so I always enjoyed going out and renting them because it meant I could play something different. It didn’t bother me that the other kids in the neighborhood were all playing SNES and beating each other up in Street Fighter II.

I got a Game Boy for Christmas in 1993, which started defining my gaming preferences. As we started to fall behind on consoles it would become my system of choice. This portable preference continued on with the Game Boy Color, and the first system that I bought myself was a Game boy Advance SP. Nintendo made me the handheld gamer I am today, and alongside my PSP and iPod I’ve owned at least one version of each Nintendo portable; From the original white Game Boy to the 3DS.

Despite all this, consoles were not dead to me. My family finally caught up by getting a PS2 for Christmas in 2003, then I found myself as the proud owner of a Gamecube which I played the living daylights out of. A Wii eventually came along but took a backseat to the Xbox 360, which I bought last year.

Super Mario Bros. 3 made me a die-hard platformer naturally, but I’ve been influenced by other interests and genres to get me into other kinds of games. My dad and I used to be big CART Indycar Series fans and that brought me into racing games, which I enjoy in short spurts. I dove right into the Pokémon craze, and Pokémon Red Version introduced me to RPGs. These have become my “big three” over the years.

I take enjoyment in writing about my gaming hobby/addiction.  Before That Gamer Hub I had a self-run blog called A Gamer’s Mind that I updated on a seldom basis. There was a time where I had my posts featured Xanga’s now-defunct gaming blog HardestLevel as well. Before that, when I used to play MapleStory, I would write about that as well on a different blog. Since I discovered Destructoid and Joystiq I’ve always aspired to be a games journalist in some way. I didn’t need to put much thought into joining the That Gamer Hub writing team, and I’m glad to be here today.

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