BGotW: Cathode Rays and Toys

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BGotW: Cathode Rays and Toys


A few months ago before writing for That Gamer Hub, I got into video game reviewing in English (as French is my native language). Since I did not have much money to buy brand-new games at the time, I began downloading independent games as they are either cheap or totally free. This is when I came across Christoffer Hedborg’s website and found out about Toys as well as Cathode Rays, two great and innovative games you can play on your web browser. Please note that both of these games were built around the “no-buttons” concept, which makes them easy to play for anyone.

Cathode Rays

Cathode Rays is a puzzle game using light deflection as its core mechanic. You must take multiple light rays to a specific point while making sure that none of them enter in contact with a light of another color or else you have to go back to the beginning of the level. Sounds easy? Well, the game gets a lot more difficult as you face complex obstacle placement, mirrors deflecting your light rays, rotating levels, and fading obstacles. You will need to think about how you will tackle each level before going through each of them and even use a little bit of reflexes later on.

Play Cathode Rays by clicking HERE


Toys is also a puzzle game involving no buttons at all, just your good old computer mouse. The objective of the game is to reassemble bright coloured “toys” (read: shapes) by rotating them in multiple directions. Different types of rotations will move the shapes differently, which makes the assembly of the toys a tricky task. Despite being challenging on some occasions, Toys is not a very long game and can be beaten in under an hour. However, it is one great game experience that you will probably not find anywhere else. The game is so special that it even was nominated at the 2010 Independent Games Festival awards for Student Showcase.

Play Toys by clicking HERE

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