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In its simplest form, PRIOR is a 2D platformer by krangGames as well as being a Ludum Dare 19 entry. While there are abilities such as double jumping and the like that can be acquired, the main focus of the game is exploration and, more importantly, choice. In fact, there are three of them that lead to three different endings in the game. This, accompanied with notes found along your chosen path, not only provides a quasi-tutorial at times but also delve into the surprisingly rich story within the game’s world. With regards to the notes, think “written audio diaries”.

Yes, to get from one place to another you will have to navigate the levels (rooms) by jumping and using your abilities. On occasion they can be pretty daunting and tricky to figure out and do require timing and precision, as most platformers do. With a bit of critical thinking you should be able to progress through the game and enjoy the story of PRIOR without too much difficulty. The hardest part of this game, for me, was exploration and finding the alternative paths, to which the differing storylines are held. As with my previous entries which mentioned Ludum Dare games, the game was completed in 48 hours and with that taken into account, is an amazing feat.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the story of and do feel that it is one that should be experienced. The art style, again while simple, is one that really meshes with the game well and adds to the already great atmosphere that is provided. All in all, a great experience.

You can play PRIOR by clicking HERE at
You can check out krangGames webpage HERE or check out the Twitter HEREpictures from

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