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BGotW: Dromad


Let’s fact it – the real reason people play browser games is to procrastinate. Sure, there are those hand full of browser games that stand out with excellence, pushing the boundaries between gaming and interactive art… But they’re a league of their own. It’s hard to dip in and out of an “arty” game. It’s there to be experienced, talked about, then rarely played again. What you need to truly procrastinate is a game without a story. Something never-ending (unless you die). Something that lets you kill things, and gives you a score for doing so…


If ever you needed a game to sink countless hours into, this is it. The premise is simple: run around a room, shooting left and right, and kill anything that tries to touch you. Your score increases with the more enemies you kill, and the more enemies you kill, the more they’ll spawn, increasing in variety and toughness.

You have a choice of two weapons – a projectile and an explosive, starting with a pistol and a grenade. Each enemy you kill with a weapon lowers a counter and once that counter reaches zero, your weapon is upgraded (shotgun and mines at level 2).

After you kill an enemy, they release their soul, which moves towards a well in the center. Collect the souls and the counter lowers by another point, or if enough souls are collected in the well, you earn an extra life. This mechanic allows you to play in two different ways – either defensively, in which you stay away from the enemies but upgrade weapons slower, or offensively in which you run straight into the heat of battle, gaining more upgrade points, but making survival significantly more difficult.

Click HERE to play Dromad over on, and see if you can beat my MONUMENTAL score of 221.

  • Raider872

    i beat your score, 242

    • Biznitch

      Oh, it’s on….

  • Raider872

    i beat your score, 242

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