BGotW: Wonderputt

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BGotW: Wonderputt

I originally saw Wonderputt via the social networking universe and immediately became intrigued. Yes, it is a golf based game and yes, there are other “mini-golf” / “putt-putt golf” browser based games out there. In fact, the creators at Damp Gnat, responsible for the lovely game I’m mentioning here and now, previously made a similar version in Adverputt  (which shows the endeavors Damp Gnat have worked on). Still, Wonderputt seperates itself in two amazing ways.

First, the aesthetic is superb. Providing a surreal, quasi-futuristic setting, the environment that you start in is not what you end up with. Always moving, morphing and changing it is truly a visual experience that, to put it bluntly, is pleasing to the eye. One of the features that I truly enjoy is that every hole is inter-connected and every now and again something fun like aliens or rocket-ships will all of a sudden appear and be relevant in the gameplay experience. You’ll always know what you scored on each hole and look forward to the next animation before you tee-off.

Next, the overall sound design of the game is great! Whether it be the denotations regarding your score of each hole, the music or the sound effects of the other little entities that populate the game, it makes Wonderputt a grand aural experience.

You can play Wonderputt by clicking HERE.

You can check out all the other fun things by Damp Gnat by clicking HERE.

See if you can beat my score of -8 on your first try (that’s what I got on mine). I have shot better rounds though.

Picture is a screenshot from the game

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