Hamilton’s Great Adventure | Review (PS3)

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Hamilton’s Great Adventure | Review (PS3)
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Hamilton’s Great Adventure is a PSN puzzle/platformer/adventure game from developer FatShark that takes your character Ernest Hamilton and his bird Sasha together on a quest that at first look feels somewhat similar to Indiana Jones. One of the first things you will notice about this game is, well, it’s difficult. If puzzle games can make you frustrated easily, this probably is not the game for you. But if you can get past the difficulty of the game and that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, then this game can be a very fun experience. In any case, prepare to be humbled.

Moving from platform to platform in the game isn’t an issue until you involve various traps throughout the game. Some of these traps are pretty dangerous because if you are on a moving platform and have nowhere else to move to it surely spells trouble. So timing in this game like in most puzzle games is absolutely key.


Watch Your Step!


The object of the game is quite simple – find the golden key, and head for the exit, while collecting coins and treasure – his ultimate goal finding an artifact that was stolen from him. A task that can get quite complicated and challenging. As I mentioned, you will endure not only moving platforms but collapsing tiles, trampolines, elevators, and of course your run of the mill locked doors, and traps. Thankfully, Hamilton can obtain tools and gadgets to help you along the way. Items that are out of reach for Hamilton can be obtained by Sasha. This includes activating switches to help Hamilton as well as treasure for him.


One wrong turn could prove deadly!


The graphics & sounds on Hamilton’s Great Adventure are right on point for the game, and the gameplay felt just fine for a puzzle/adventure game. Both felt simple and effective for the game. Although the game is challenging, I didn’t find myself struggling over the controls at any point either.


The game can be played in single player mode taking control of Ernest Hamilton and switching between him & Sasha or co-ooperatively with one player taking control of Ernest Hamilton and the other taking control of Sasha. Although I have not had the chance to play the game co-ooperatively, I would imagine that it could be a lot of fun with another friend.


Hamilton’s Great Adventure is a game that will take patience for some gamers but is a lot of fun if it can be had. The game includes over 60 levels spanning 4 different worlds so it will keep you quite busy for some time. Treasure hunting hasn’t been this fun since Uncharted & Tomb Raider. If you are looking for a puzzle/adventure game and don’t mind a challenge give this game a look. Hamilton’s Great Adventure in all is available now on the PSN Store as well as Steam.

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