So You Need a Reason to Return to Just Cause 2…

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So You Need a Reason to Return to Just Cause 2…

Do you remember your first trip to the island of Panau? Back in 2010, Avalanche Studios created a game called Just Cause 2, and it was unlike anything we had ever seen. Sure, there had been open world games before, but this was the first one to let you attach a soldier to a helicopter and fly away. It was a hit, and soon garnered a huge fan base, although probably not for its voice acting, which sounded like a Hispanic faking an American faking a German accent. But there was one thing that the fans wanted more than anything: multiplayer. Imagine if you and your friends could run around Panau at the same time!

That’s what the creators of the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod intend to allow. The project was started shortly after the game was released, but because of some unspecified obstacles, development was delayed and the team went dark. However, just recently a video was released showing not one, not two, but FIVE Rico’s causing chaos in the same world space! Apparently, over the past month or so, the developers of the mod have been overcoming obstacles and writing some awesome code to bring this project back to life. They have a few sparse details at their website,, and more information on their Facebook page, They’re also tweeting some progress, and you can follow them @jc2mpdev.

To prepare for this mod, I’ve composed a list of things to try with a friend.
1. Attach car to helicopter. Have friend get in car. Fly friend in car around island.
2. Have friend hover over you in helicopter. Attach enemies to helicopter. Chaos.
3. Attach friend to gas canister. Shoot gas canister. Laugh.
4. Get attached to gas canister. Friend shoots canister. Cry…no, laugh. It’s still funny.
5. Synchronized skydiving. Film it. Put it on YouTube.  $$$

Yes, I just saved your life with that list. You’re welcome.

And as a sad reminder, this is only available for you folks with Just Cause 2 on PC (which is especially sad considering that one of the free games on Playstation Plus this month is Just Cause 2).

This post was submitted by Mike Fugate.

  • Stuart Lange

    I am now going to buy the pc version. I’ve had it on Xbox360 for a while, but I would to cause some multiplayer destruction! 

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