Gang Wars | Review (PS Mini)

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Gang Wars | Review (PS Mini)
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Gang Wars was first released in 1989 developed by Alpha Denshi and published by SNK. It was (and still is) your average 2D beat ‘em up arcade game. It’s set in New York City, you play as someone who resembles Jackie Chan almost enough for a lawsuit, and you can even play with a friend with 2 player Co-op! But what  makes this relevant to this day and age? Well for one, SNK just re-released Gang Wars and a PS mini for PS3, PSP, and PS Vita! Now you can relive the magic of almost being the Chan man himself on your preferred Sony console!

The  question is…do you really want to?

Even back then there was nothing really special about Gang Wars, but to be honest, there wasn’t really much to offer when it came to games like these. You are a fighter, there is an antagonist who has a gang of minions at his disposal, and before you can kick his ass, you must beat all of them. You walk, you fight, win, move on, and repeat, pretty solid and simple gameplay, but even still, very entertaining. It was in a away, the perfect way to describe most action movies. There’s walking, there’s fighting, and there are bits of story line to bring it all together.

Gamplay translates quite easily on to the Playstation controls;  X to punch, O to kick, Triangle adds lives and Square to jump. You move with the D pad or Analog stick. What kind of separates  Gang Wars from the rest old the 2D beat em up arcade world is that unlike many of them this game includes weaponry (Assult Riffles, Flamethrowers), and has a customization system in which you can upgrade 3 different attributes (Power, Speed and Guard) as you wish.

All in all, the best part about this release is the nostalgia you may feel while playing it, as it takes you back to the days of late 80′s video games. You may smell the sweat of other teenage youth, spending their days in front of arcade machines. You may feel the dozens of quarters you would eventually spend instead of using them for laundry. Everything was so simple, so honest back then. Eventually you’ll snap back to reality and realize beat ‘em ups won’t entertain you for more than an hour or two; but for $2.99 on PSN? That’s affordable enough to download and keep those memories in the palm of your hand. You’ll probably save a lot of quarters, too.

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