That Gamer Hub – Getting Started Guide

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That Gamer Hub – Getting Started Guide

What Is That Gamer Hub?

That Gamer Hub is a community driven video game website providing gamers with the latest news, unbiased reviews, weekly podcasts, live interactive broadcasts and regular community events.

We offer gamers robust and unique tools to help connect with others and create their own content through community submitted articles, active forums, live gaming programs and regular community game nights. Our talented team of writers and media producers publish and distribute content daily to keep you up-to-date on the industry. The result is the best independent gaming destination on the net with a close and thriving community.

News / Reviews / Features / Opinions

That Gamer Hub keeps you up to date on the video game industry with the latest news, reviews and honest opinions. We also publish several weekly and monthly features focusing on specific areas of the video game universe including Minecraft Monday, Browser Game of the Week and our monthly Community Spotlight.

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That Gamer Hub iOS App

Ever wanted to reach our website on the go but you have no access? Ever wanted to stream our podcasts from our phone? Ever wanted to take over the world? (Get in line). Well with the That Gamer Hub App, you can access the site anytime and anywhere!

  • Read the latest video game news, reviews, and features from That Gamer Hub.
  • Listen to the latest episodes of That Gamer Podcast and Cross Border Gaming.
  • Comment on articles and share your thoughts with our community.
  • Create a profile and share your favorite articles with our community.
  • Access the Activity Pane to see what other users have shared, liked and commented on.
  • Share the latest video game news and reviews via Twitter, Facebook, and email.
  • Get the latest on our community by browsing our online forums.
  • Easy access to the That Gamer Hub Twitter feed.
  • One-touch communication to the TGH team.
  • Intuitive and clean interface.

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Cross Border Gaming

Weekly Podcast of two gamers living on different sides of the border (and Climate) discussing the week in gaming news.  Reviews, opinions, rants, hilarious banter, multiple entendres and singing are usually present in every show!  This is the show your mother warned you about!  Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!  Featuring Hbomb in Florida and E*Master in Canada who always bring the funny every time!

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That Gamer Tube

That Gamer Tube is your one stop shop for all the entertainment news that absolutely no one cares about. We could tell you that you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for cutting edge news and insight into everything from video games to movies, but that would make us big, stinky liars. Instead, you’ll get a heaping helping of our slightly insane views on a wide variety of topics including upcoming video games, underground movies, not-so-important books, and the kind of music that your mother told you not to listen to.

That Gamer Club

That Gamer Club is a free membership that is easy to join and unlocks several features only available to members. These features include:

  • Member only content
  • Exclusive contests
  • 1 click comment system
  • Ability to submit community articles
  • Chance to be featured in our monthly Community Spotlight feature
  • User profile
  • And more

We are always expanding our membership benefits and want to offer die hard members of our community rewards for being a key part in our plan to take over the world.

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Our forums are a great place to interact with gamers from all over the world. Discuss the latest games, give your opinion on the hottest topics in the industry and get the scoop on That Gamer Hub contests and upcoming events. Jump into the forums and express your love for gaming in hundreds of topics with like-minded (and very good looking) individuals.

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That Gamer Hub Live

That Gamer Hub Live is a network of live gaming programs based on a variety of topics and formats broadcast throughout the week. Jump in the chat room, watch your favorite programs as they happen and interact with the hosts and other viewers.

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Community Events

That Gamer Hub hosts several community events including bi-weekly game nights. These events are a great chance to get to know your fellow community members and expand your friends list.

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Regular Contests

That Gamer Hub features regular contests through the forums, live programs, That Gamer Podcast, That Gamer Club, and Twitter. We give away great prizes including games, DLC, coupons, and more. For you chance to win, be sure to follow us on Twitter or read the front page.

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Community Submitted Articles

We are always searching for passionate video game nerds to help create intelligent, insightful, and witty content for our little website. This includes articles for gaming news, reviews, interviews, culture stories, opinion pieces, video journals, etc. If you’re interested in building your portfolio and getting your work out to a larger group of gamers, all you need to do is fill out the information below and your submission will automatically be sent to us. You will of course be given full credit for your work and have something to tell grandma.

If you consistently submit quality content, we may even have you join the team as a contributing author. This is an exciting opportunity with an already established community of gamers looking for content.

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Where Do I Begin?

What are you waiting for? That Gamer Hub provides gamers with great content, fun live programs, regular community events and several tools to turn your hobby into a full blown obsession. Get your game on, make friends and stay up to date with the greatest independent gaming website on the net.

New to That Gamer Hub?

Visit our Getting Started guide.

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