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  • Sony Exclusive PS3 Reveal

    3 CommentsPosted by on November 23, 2010 under General Gaming, Headlines, Playstation 3
    SCEA is putting on a major tease this holiday season and but not worry they're not going to wait too long before they let us know what their secret is. They announced that there is going to be a new exclusive Playstation 3 title to be revealed on December 12, 2010 (only 19 more days from this posting).  No news has been posted on the Playstation Blog as to what this exclusive title may be, but... more.
  • NBA Jam Released for Xbox 360 & PS3

    0 CommentsPosted by on November 17, 2010 under General Gaming, Headlines, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
    Oooohhhh myyyyy!!! Is it the shoes? NBA Jam is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The game was previously available on the Nintendo Wii as well. The game takes basketball gaming to the extreme with high flying dunks & "no foul" play. If you hate simulation basketball, then this is the game for you!! Be sure to check out NBA Jam available NOW on the Xbox 360, and the PS3 today!  Fo... more.
  • MotoGP 10/11 announced for PS3 & Xbox 360

    1 CommentsPosted by on November 13, 2010 under General Gaming, Headlines, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
    On Wednesday, Capcom officially announced MotoGP 10/11 exclusively for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 consoles. The game is set to for release in March of 2011.  It will offer four exclusive modes of play including:  Arcade Mode, Career Mode, Championship Mode, and Online Mode.  The game will also include 17 tracks from the 2009 MotoGP season.  For more information on this game, be sure... more.
  • Gran Turismo Release Date Officially Announced

    2 CommentsPosted by on November 12, 2010 under General Gaming, Headlines, Playstation 3
    Today, Sony officially announced their long awaited release date for Gran Turismo 5 will be on November 24 (yes this year). Fans rejoice as this is surely to be one of the biggest titles ever to be released for the Playstation 3. For more information be sure to check out the announcement on Sony's blog: http://bit.ly/c1x4JO... more.
  • Capcom Classics heading to the Wii Virtual Console

    0 CommentsPosted by on November 8, 2010 under General Gaming, Headlines, Wii
    Capcom is helping you take it old school this winter, and we mean old school. This winter, Capcom announced that they will be bringing six games to the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console. These games will be available exclusively on the Virtual Console. The six games that were announced are:  1942, Ghosts N' Goblins, Commando: Wolf Of The Battlefield, Black Tiger, EXED EXES, and SONSON. Each game wi... more.
  • Blacklight: Tango Down Review (PS3)

    3 CommentsPosted by on November 7, 2010 under General Gaming, Headlines, Playstation 3, Reviews
    With the video game market being so saturated in first person shooters nowadays, it's hard to distinct which games are the real deal and which ones are the pretenders.  For Blacklight:  Tango Down, the verdict is that it seems to lie somewhere in between. People familiar with the controls for Call of Duty series will be no stranger to the controls for Blacklight:  Tango Down as the controls ar... more.
  • Pigeon Squadron Review (iPhone, iPod Touch)

    2 CommentsPosted by on November 6, 2010 under General Gaming, Headlines, Reviews
    Let the poo fly! When it comes to games on your iPhone there's no doubt there are plenty of choices to go with.  Some are nothing more than your simple puzzle games, and others can be slightly more complex.  For Pigeon Squadron, it's a little bit of the best of both worlds.  The result?  A game that is surprisingly satisfying, a little difficult to control, but at the same time fun enough to ... more.
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